• Marsch

Lisa A. Marsch, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Center for Technology and Behavioral Health
Director, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center

Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
Rivermill Commercial Center, Suite B4-1
Lebanon, NH 03766

Phone: 603-448-0263
E-mail: Lisa.A.Marsch@Dartmouth.edu


Towson University, BA 1994
Towson University, MA 1996
University of Vermont, PhD 1999


Dr. Marsch is the Director of the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center at Dartmouth College and a faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry at Dartmouth College. The Center for Technology and Behavioral Health is a P30 “Center of Excellence” supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), composed of an interdisciplinary research and development group focused on the systematic application of cutting-edge technologies to the delivery of behavior change interventions for individuals with substance use disorders and other behavioral health issues.

With funding from NIH, Dr. Marsch has led a line of research focused on the development and evaluation of state of the art, technology-based (computer-, mobile-, and Internet-delivered) interventions targeting substance abuse treatment among a wide array of youth and adult populations, HIV prevention among substance-using youth and adults, and substance abuse and other risk behavior prevention among children and adolescents. These technology-based therapeutic tools reflect an integration of science-based behavioral interventions with evidence-based informational technologies. This work has been conducted in a variety of settings, including physician offices, substance abuse treatment programs, criminal justice settings, educational settings and via the Internet. This research has provided novel empirical information regarding the role that technology may play in improving the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders and related behavioral health issues in a manner that is cost-effective, ensures fidelity and enables the rapid diffusion and widespread adoption of science-based interventions.




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